söndag, november 01, 2009

pyssel med hjälp av datorn

Jag har så roligt med min nya fina dator. Den går så snabbt så. Fixade och trixade lite i photoshop med bilderna från förra posten. Blev lite fint tyckte jag.

2 kommentarer:

Siyu sa...

Thank you Maria!!! For your amazing meatball, for your sketches...for everything!!! we had a perfect experience in Goteborg!!! A pity that I didn't have a good camera to record the best moments and those lovely colors in the lake:P
Hope to meet you guys again ASAP:DDDD

Maria Ådahl sa...

Thank you! And welcome back!

Thanks for sharing your photos. It vas a wonderful wiew by the lake wasn't it? I hope you didn't mind me putting them on my blog.