torsdag, januari 20, 2011


Nu har jag fixat och trixat med Xiaogangs hemsida/blogg. Nu kan man där få information om hans spelningar. Titta gärna in (både på spelningar och på hemsidan). Min engelska är rätt kass så säg till om det står helt upp åt väggarna fel någonstans.

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Jonas Ådahl sa...


Info-texten: chinese -> Chinese, mandarin -> Mandarin

Annars också typ: february -> February

Maria Ådahl sa...

Tackar! Skall åtgärdas!

Narration sa...

Hi Maria, and what a beautiful, effective weblog you made for Xiao Gang.

I really enjoy it, and among other things especially, the artwork at the top, which is really personal and influencing towards imagination.

I saw only three small things you could look at for updates:

- spelling of calendar (small label where it is in capital letters)
- 'Passed events' - this should be 'Past events', in Topics
- 'Cooperations' - actually makes the wording interesting and perhaps especially evocative of an Asian way, so maybe it is better than the conventional word. If you want that, it would be 'Collaborations' in English. Your choice ;)

I warn you, I am somewhat a poet, and enjoy languages anyway, so I am apt to smile and like things that are 'wrong', be on their side when they increase meaning or fun. I bet you understand...


Maria Ådahl sa...

Thanks Clive!

I really appreciate that you took the time to look through the weblog and give me some advices.