måndag, februari 21, 2011


Den fina topen har Helena gjort. Hon är hur duktig som helst. Filmen är inspelad för någon vecka sedan med en kul ajfönapp.

Idag har jag tagit fram saxen och klippt av Turids glesnande lugg. Det var inte helt enkelt. -Saxen var mycket intressant och vad gjorde den egentligen där uppe ovanför huvudet?

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Narration sa...

Yes, this video came through, and no more chasing Svensk media companies.

...definitely a sweetie...

The 8mm was a very nice touch, too, and the booties ;)

Maria, one last appreciated thing before I forget it, that your blogg let me find out something I wondered often about, from conversations of some of the more artistic Norwegian family adults when I was a child. This is det vardagsgrå. I later remembered it as 'vardøgger', and thought due to the imaginative sources and context that it must be another of the elves, like Julenisse, who often seemed to come as we waited for our father come home on Christmas Eve.

Now that I could see what must be the word they used, in bokmal, anyway, I could understand -- and your thought fits those relatives very well. I enjoyed to hear it, and how it is posed. It seems very fit to you and Xiaogang, and your community.

Best then,

筱葳 sa...

found it hard to not to stop re-watching this.

Elisabet "Bess" E sa...

Hon börjar bli stor Turid.
Bra med hemsydda kläder & snygg är den också :o)