måndag, februari 28, 2011

Från dagens playdate på Hising Island. Turid, Amina och Evelina

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Riham sa...

De tre musketörerna <3!

Maria Ådahl sa...

Tur att Amina håller sin vakande hand över de yngre tjejerna!

Minna sa...

De sötaste! <3

Elisabet "Bess" E sa...

Din dotters tjejgäng hon kommer ha livet ut, som du har ditt Maria... :o)

Maria Ådahl sa...

Aw, fint att ha er i Veddigegänget! Kram på dig Elisabet!

Narration sa...

Could swear I sent you a comment here last night, with these cherubs who remind so much of a family life long ago ;). Turid among them...but maybe I didn't verify the final step.

Anyway, besides this enjoyment, was finally able to really hear and see Xiaogang's playing, on Teddy show and from his site. It was great, and you can ask me if you want to know the whys.

Again, I can't remember, but meant to mention in return Sierra Hull, who just released a wonderfully expressed bluegrass CD, from even younger age than Göteburg Downtown Rangers. She is getting the Nashville treatment, but is already skilled beyond, and is an honest person. I thought any musically inclined people might like to hear.

Greetings, then, Maria, from what is turning finally back to a really sunny climate.


Narration sa...

Hi Maria, and I am sorry to bother you here one final time, for I get some sense it is a bother.

I've written a note to SR P4 Teddy and to the underlying content service, together, explaining so that they can understand the reasons Xiaogang's music as well as other programs were blocked. And of course gave them ways to solve it, easily enough for the future.

Let's hope they do.

I want to say one further thing to you, to give some idea why I take an interest in a circle of young and artistically expressive persons touched through a quite small and distant friendship with Carl and Linn.

There is background in own life as well as in a family upbringing, and some enjoyment and sentiment that come there, but again, probably not seemingly of interest.

What is larger is touched on when I look behind the small playing videos of Göteburg's Downtown Ramblers that I enjoyed last night. They played at Angered, Hammarkullen, and there is a statement on their weblog related to what the Million program becomes at least in contribution, culturally: "This is a place where a part of the Swedish future grows, paths are crossed, that leads to new and ex[c]iting things."

I like the sense of that a lot, in this actually historical period I think we all live through. We have very much to build, anew.

Does Scandinavia have things which seem particularly important for this, out of what develops because of its relative constructed advantage, as well as from some things of historical significance?

A big sentence, but I think so, and hope I may be privileged to think it.

A more direct way, and not different of kind, is just to say how I enjoy the paths of linked weblogs and their creations which you participate in. So often just a smile, to see what is found.

And that is the same smile as to see Turid beginning to be brought up in an environment and way that I feel to pretty well recognize. Not from the same, but from what is quite evidently a friend.

So, from the elder ;). You wait, and see how it becomes, yourself.

Best, Maria, and Xiaogang,

Maria Ådahl sa...


You definetely don't bother me! It's nice to have a reader from overseas! Are you also interested in photography since you know Carl and Linn? How did you get to know them?

I haven't blogged much recently. Sometimes I find it difficult to find stuff to write about or pictures to show. Maybe to much vardagsgrå ;)

Hammarkullen is a part of Gothenburg of which many have a lot of prejudices. There are many immigrants and many cultures. See some pictures from the carnival arranged there every spring: http://www.hammarkullekarnevalen.com/index.cfm/sv/bilder/

Narration sa...

Hi Maria,

It was nice to hear back from you this way, and I have already enjoyed some of the carnival photos -- thank you. In some ways much reminding also of the Fasnacht in Basel, even as it has its own ways.

I got a good note back from the media people hosting for SR P4 -- think something nice may come of this. And good if it does, for Xiaogang and others.

Hammarkullen -- yes, I lived on the edge of just such a district in Basel for about 8 years, and do understand some of the ins and outs, with an appreciation. Also have had some pretty specific discussion with another of those photographers, who has to do with one in Copenhagen. I think you might have met him, Ole Thofte.

So yes, photography has come into it, and it's this way to have got to know Carl a little, as well as appreciate his family.

Well, it's late here, by another ocean, and I am probably not writing so well. Smiling again about what you said, so i will not repeat it ;).

You take care, Maria, and we enjoy things when they come, so you enjoy for yourself. It's nice.


Narration sa...

Hi again, Maria,

I saw this on Facebook from last night - I think you have to be logged in to Facebook to actually see it.


Downtown Ramblers in Göteburg are having events, and looks like might be fun -- maybe if you like to go next time, something for the vardagsgrå ;)

Anyway, I noticed on that Facebook page that one of their friends at the event was also Chinese in Göteburg. In fact his name made me think at first glance that it was Xiaogang -- actually, Xiaoming (Cai).

So you have an introduction, across the planet. And here, it's starting to be very pleasant days which the San Diego area is known for.

Best, Maria,

Maria Ådahl sa...

Narration: Thanks for your comment! I'll keep watch to see if they'll have any concerts soon:)

Maria Ådahl sa...

Something for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSfrduCdsa0&sns=fb

Narration sa...

Thanks for your thought -- pretty nice, and I am waiting for the albug to come out ;)


Narration sa...

...album...of course. It's pretty late.