lördag, februari 12, 2011

Ännu en "titta vårt fina barn"-post

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Minna sa...

Ögon att drunkna i... Hon kommer charma många pojkar sen.. ;)

Maria Ådahl sa...

You bet!

Narration sa...

Yes, that is the word: she is very charming indeed ;) . I think it is definite about the boys, in right time.

Maria, I wanted to say that i finally got one of Xiaogang's videos to play over here, and it was very interesting. That Ch'in lute is a big, masculine instrument with also the ability to speak with much detail and subtlety. I will like to hear more.

In Korea where I lived there was the komungo, I think a similar instrument, but also I had just begun learning the daegeum, a large resonator flute, and its annotated music sounded in approach like what I heard from Xiaogang. If that makes sense...

Last -- I enjoy bluegrass music, and did used to play something related to it professionally. I just found your hometown group which became European champions for 2009 - Downtown Ramblers. I really enjoy listening to them, and will get their CD on iTunes.

If you don't know them, or if you do, here is a Youtube list I made - quietly passed this also to someone special in the US roots music area, but we will will have to see if that gives something to both groups ;).



Maria Ådahl sa...

Clive, I showed the clips to Xiaogang and he knows some in that band. They are very good. I hope the US roots musicians feel the same.

I think the Korean komungo is more similar to the chinese instrument Guzheng. (see youtube if you want to check it out)

Today I will put up a new video on Xiaogang's blog. Hope you can see it!

Narration sa...

Maria, hello. I tried quite a lot of things on that video from SR P4. It doesn't play here, nor does another on the same page, a talk with Adam Levy. SR is apparently being democratic with providers, and the videos which actually are hosted by Picsearch/Screen9 don't show over here. In fact, even those on the company's own front page don't. I tried some interesting things on my computer, and then tried a computer at the library with same results. Maybe they are thinking they are something like the BBC, who lets us hear radio, but will not allow video.

Anyway, the Oslo concert I enjoyed, and I think that you are quite right to think the komungo is like the guhzheng - the movable bridges show immediately, and indeed the guchin looks a very much more ancient instrument, on the Wikipedia pages for each. This explains some things I could hear about the playing also, I think.

On the Downtown Ramblers, yes, I think they are indeed very good. I only heard of them a few weeks ago, and can't remember where. Then to discover they were from Göteburg was a surprise also. Anyway, I just got their first album off of iTunes on Friday, and really enjoy it -- apparently soon there will be another.

Each one of them deserves compliments. I like their stage delivery, seen from Youtube also. The harmonies are often quite beautiful, and many musical things are interesting, of Sweden I think some; and of their own, definitely. The songs interest in their lyrics - here is the side right within today.

Maria, I will let you go on this. Will be looking forward to hearing more of Xiaogang's music when it comes.


Maria Ådahl sa...

Soo strange that the films from the National Swedish Radio don't show in the US.

Stay tuned, there will probably be more videos with qin later. And today a video with our little one :)

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